“I want my skin to pop!” – Organic products

Gone are the days when the prerogative to produce a product\service sat with producer only. Consumers have an urge to have their personal stamp or rather touch on any product they consumer. We can, in this way, dub this the age of the prosumer, where both the producer and consumer are both involved in the production of a product/service.

Making your own home made skin products is the new thing nowadays, people making their own skin products show streaks of reluctance to purchase skin products in stores. The products found in stores are either filled with an excessive amount of Toluene, oxybenzone, formaldehyde and polyethylene glycol (PEG) and are sumptuous. Natural and organic skin products combines essential vitamins, botanicals’ and minerals which heal and restore the skin without harming Mother Nature.

These consumers believe that natural ingredients will bring them a peace of mind knowing they are not using hash chemicals and making their own skin products has become a solution. Applying products that are at your disposal, not to mention at arm reach, in your kitchen, assures one that “I will thrive” in these melting economic times you can use turmeric, honey, Aloe etc. to make products such as sweet cleanser, charcoal face scrub, charcoal tea tree oil, soaps and many more. #GetThatGlowNaturally.

About the author

Ayanda Makhoba is a young PR graduate passionate about connecting insights, brands and consumers through her talented writing skills.