Sport: greater gender inclusion is necessary

Sport in itself hasn’t been perceived to be very gender inclusive. Men, for the most part, have seen it as their territory. So, it’s no wonder that sport would be synonymous with a ‘well-built, strong man’ or just ‘a man’. More so, some men think that they know better than women in all things sport. Wanting women to suppress their opinion while disregarding it altogether.

Women have a voice and an opinion. They can be as strong as they want to be and know as much about sport as they want to. They can also play it if they want. Campaigns have been built around women in sport and normalizing the perception that sport is for women too.

gender inclusion is necessary

It can be very frustrating for women to connect with men when it comes to sport. In conversation and even in the act of playing a sport. Rather as a tool for bringing people together it can still keep people apart.

Barriers concerning ‘this is for women’ and ‘this is for men’ exist still. While barriers are not always a bad thing, when it creates discontent and frustrating tension it can’t be good. The tensions lessen as the barriers that create the tension are jumped over.

gender inclusion is necessary

Barriers will always exist. However, brands have the freedom to express broader trains of thought that help change or encourage peoples perceptions.

More women are becoming vocal about their thoughts towards sport and are engaging more confidently both competitively and socially. If this is what is happening in our environment then sports brands should be encouraging this way more in communication.

Sky Sports have women who speak confidently on their shows. Beyond the female voice given to sport, female participation in sport should be encouraged across the board. The old-fashioned perception of sport not being for women is one reason for holding many females back.

Sport is a tool not only to loosen the divide between how men and women connect but also a tool for encouraging strength and confidence in women. In sports like indoor soccer there is a revolution. In social games, men and women are playing together. With a focus that places value on team work and fitness than on keeping score.

As brands playing in the field of sport, the ball really is in your court to facilitate some much needed health and social change.

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