Comfort clothing: a health choice

We are living in very unhealthy times which is why there is such a great desire to lead a more health-conscious lifestyle. Recently this approach to life lead to fashion trends such as athleisure. It’s also lead to the preference of comfort over trends.

In the past women and men wore clothing based on the spirit of the times. This often lead to uncomfortable fashion. Corsets, heels and hats which were difficult to bear. We have treaded a long way since then. Today people are adopting a more comfortable approach to life. Doing and wearing what feels good to them as opposed to what they are told to wear.

Comfort clothing
Photograph by Eye for Ebony

Comfort in terms of fit, style and fabric all play a role. There are brands whose clothes still don’t cut it with their consumers in terms of fit, style and fabric.

Fit shouldn’t be inhibiting, style should be flattering and the fabric must be gentle. As people are more health-conscious they are acutely aware of their bodies and how certain things make their bodies feel. This includes clothes.

Comfort clothing

People want to look good without feeling inhibited. They take great care of their bodies therefore the fabric they put on their bodies should give them an increased level of comfort as opposed to discomfort and pain.

Brands should be advocating comfort in all fashion created for their consumers in this health-conscious time. They must seek to diversify in such a way that comfort in fashion is of a greater importance. This could be through style guides to ensure consumers buy and wear what feels good to them.

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