More uniqueness

The insatiable desire consumers have for experiences has them hopping from place to place. It seems as though most places are mirroring each other.

The consumer is spoilt for choice today and often chooses places to go to not out of proximity but because they find it to be more unique than another place. This means that people that wish to come experience your space will come from further just because it has been laced with unique touches. Increasing reach is the objective of any business. While each business must have a USP for their business, it must be packaged in such a way that it’s considered a unique place that goes beyond a singular USP.

More uniqueness

It encompasses an entire experience and atmosphere that makes it truly different from another place and worth travelling to. Consumers are super proud of themselves when they tell their friends of these places or better yet when they take them to these places. Uniqueness makes for shareable content on social media and will spread more rapidly. This means that from an entrepreneurship perspective the possibilities are endless and the wackier and more unique your ideas are the more you will be appealing to your consumer right now.

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