Playful heritage

Looking back at Heritage Day it is important to understand how people are expressing their own heritage. There is less of a pre-packaged identity to conform to, considering how diverse each person’s background can be. Rather people are incorporating parts of it with their own identity. Therefore creating their own interpretation of their modern day heritage. It is infused with both their historical culture and their current self.

Consumers can’t deny the modernity of culture today. Yet they still want a touch of their history to keep them grounded in who they are and where they came from. This means that they are becoming more playful in how they express their heritage.

Playful Bathu
South African brand Made in Soweto: Bathu being showcased at LPO Festival in Braamfontein


From a brands point of view (those who have a strong African/South African heritage) you will make your offerings more appealing through balancing it with playfulness and modernity. The interlinking of the playfulness of consumers with brands encompassing strong African/South African heritage is the space where growth will be found.

An increasing number of festivals are being held to showcase brands with a South African/African heritage. They are brought together strategically in pop culture infused atmospheres, making local a greater success with consumers. Now we are seeing a greater affinity towards brands with South African/African heritage because they are being showcased in settings that are adapted to a modern and playful lifestyle.

Playful Heritage Vulcan Juwish
South African brand: Vulcan Juwish being showcased at LPO Festival in Braamfontein
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