Male grooming: to shave or not to?

In such beard-appreciating times, there has to be effort made to make shaving great again. Especially when there isn’t a lot of education around shaving. Leaving men with bumps, rashes and scars. It serves them better to just let it grow out. Don’t let the growing out of the beard fool you though. This doesn’t mean male grooming has taken a backseat. It’s actually made them more attentive to how they treat their beards. Wanting it to look it’s best.

Male Grooming


Growing hair is a sign of manhood. In the same breath, the act of shaving is a sign of manhood too. For in order to shave, you must’ve grown hair. From a culture perspective, it is the look of a gentleman to both be clean-shaven and be bearded. The truth is men want to be accepted regardless of whether they choose to shave or grow out their beards.

Men are wanting versatility when it comes to facial hair. Being accepted with or without their beards.

Some women prefer their men with beards, others prefer a clean-shaven look. Wanting to please the opposite sex plays its part in male grooming. In pop culture, beards have been having a long moment. #beardgang is captioned in many a post. There is versatility in appearance and what’s acceptable in pop culture. So, there is still a great-appreciation for the clean shaven-look.

As brands, it’s the opportunity to both educate men on how to shave to avoid the issues that keep them from shaving and also show further acceptance and liberate them to upkeep their beards. This is the opportunity for both product development and communication that keeps their beards in the best condition.

Men don’t have to be limited to having one or the other. They can make the best choice for them and have the products and communication to help them achieve the look they wa

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