Little Garden

We come from a heritage of being connected to the earth and its resources. People look to plants and the earth for healing and serenity. Taking care and nurturing it is connected to taking care of yourself. People wanting to live a greener life are doing so to take care of both themselves and the future generation. Giving themselves and their family the best of what the earth has to offer. Why the sudden desire to be connected to the earth? Mostly because of globalization, pollution and global warming. As well as social and personal challenges that have people looking towards what makes everything better. That is respecting and connecting with nature more.

People are progressing from buying plants and flowers to returning to the heritage and tradition of caring for and nurturing plants in their own homes and communities.

In culture, we buy flowers and plants to make the connection, beautifying and bringing fresh life to rigid man-made spaces. People increasingly wanting to visit farms and support sustainable retailers and businesses. ‘Greenery’ was named the colour of 2017 by colour authority Panetone, but it has a larger impact than just a colour of the year. It’s an entire lifestyle movement. While people may buy flowers for convenience, they are addressing a greater need by growing them. In fact, not just flowers but fruits, vegetables and herbs too. Returning to the heritage of being connected to the earth and its resources.

It’s about actionable sustainability. Not expecting global warming or pollution or any of the other challenges to disappear. Green-consciousness and finding connection to the earth is what will make the difference.

The opportunity is found in bringing sustainability into business activities. People are wanting to live a greener, more conscious lifestyle. Sometimes they don’t know how to. As a business, you must help these people live the green-conscious lifestyle they desire.

Checkers is doing it with their latest project, Little Garden. Which is not just getting kids in on the green fun but adults too.

little garden


If a business that sells herbs, flowers and vegetables can encourage people to grow their own then how much more can all businesses do to really help bring the difference people need to a healthier, well-lived life?

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