It’s about the children

With the rise of social media and how connected young people are it’s not a surprise that they are becoming more social at a young age. By social I mean more comfortable around people and expressing themselves. Children know more at a younger age too. Not only because of social media but because of the ease of access to information on the internet particularly.

What we have is a youth revolution. Through social media young people can skip the corporate ladder and become millionaires in their teens. It’s the age of influencers, sharing and expressing not just for the fun of it but for monetary benefits. Furthering inspiring young people everywhere to carve their own path. They are more empowered than ever before. Not feeling too young to live their dreams and share their beliefs.




The world is becoming more about the children. Young people who have a talent or a dream and using that to help other young people or transform society.

With this in mind as brands how are you backing children (who are the future)? Not just providing or helping with basic needs but helping them through their talents and bringing their hopeful visions to life.

The mind of a child is powerful in transforming society. They are less focussed on self-gain but are more open to other lives around them and seeking to do good.

With this kind of quality in children brought out and nurtured in companies the future already looks brighter.

In essence children will bind together to bring change to what matters to them, with or without the help of companies. So as mature companies, losing vigour when the approach adults take have become old and tired, look to those younger to bring new vitality to what you do as a business.

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