It is written

Cell phone photographs are always popular however there are other ways to immortalize enjoyable moments or experiences. For instance writing something down aids the memory. The consumer endeavours to write down things of importance or that which they don’t want to forget.

Considering this, it could be a good opportunity for brands to encourage consumers to write something in their brand space that can be eternalized. Forever imprinting the connection between the brand and the consumer. Creating experiences that the consumer would not want to forget while penning it on a memorable canvas, that they can take home or leave in your brand space.

Having cemented a positive experience through writing, not only lives in the consumers mind but they feel more connected to your brand. The job of the brand is to use those key moments of interaction between them and the consumer. Curate their experience in such a way that the positive feelings can be documented. Writing is an expression that can outlive the experience itself, benefiting the brand in the memory of the consumer as well as connecting the consumer with the brand more.

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