Art on display

Art exhibitions and graffiti covered walls have encouraged consumers to take pictures in front of the visually-stirring works. Consumers are more likely to share visually engaging content on apps like Snapchat and Instagram.


It’s not a surprise there is a strong artistic movement going on. No longer is art an expression just for the creatively gifted but it’s become common ground amongst people to engage. Art is reaching out on a more democratic level.


Art galleries are becoming a part of people’s lifestyle and culture. First Thursday’s is an innovation that is making art more popular and easy to engage with. Art is on sale and freely viewed as part of a lifestyle and experiential occasion. This differs from the past where engaging with art seemed less accessible and only for the ‘rich’.

Art and visual art is flourishing online and in real life. It is advisable for brands to both display art in their brand spaces and be a part of the visually-feeling movement that really does connect with people.

As a brand, art is a pillar with which more meaningful dialogues and communication can occur with your consumer. It also makes for more shareable content on social media platforms.

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