Insight: The black rainbow

Continued frustration from black consumers as some brands still do not fully understand them.
The black mass market is not a homogenous market because within the black mass market there is so much diversity and brands cannot approach it with a one size fits all approach.
The black rainbow consists of different ethnic groups each with their own beliefs, norms and way of life.
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Whether affluent or at the bottom of the pyramid you will find that demographics overlap within this market.
For example, townships lifestyle is not only about the middle to to lower income anymore, as we see more and more affluent families living in townships and others even moving back to townships. Dwelling is now defined by a way of life rather than just income.
The use of media is also important to consider because, even in the higher income bracket, there are still local programs that may air on free-to-air television which they will continue to watch.
This is because of cultural relevance. thus media selection needs to not only consider income but also consider deep insights into their lives, interests and needs.

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