Insecure – social media

Consumers are increasingly feeling the pressure of social media when it comes to appearances. While there are people that try to depict their real life it’s the one’s who show glitz and glamour that are the most liked and followed. This then creates the pressure for consumers to depict their own version of a glittery life.

Insecure - Social Media

This has made the consumer invest in their appearance way more in terms of clothing, makeup and events that they go to. All done so that it can be shared on social media proving that they are keeping up with the standard.

It can be extremely frustrating to be on the end of failing to keep up with the standard or the cost and energy of maintaining it. So what’s the middle ground? This is untapped territory that brands with strong presence on social media can enter into. Consumers need further motivation to feel secure in who they are and where they are in their lives.

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