Hair : A colorful summer

Africans have taken a much larger interest into the way their hair looks. Short or long term woman enjoy the attention they receive from unique hair styles.

For centuries “standard” colors were deemed for African people, such as the shades of browns and black. The market has opened significanlty in other countries and now frequently produces multiple shades of their products. Allowing both the young or old to make their own choices. Engaging and learning which colors suit their complexion and which don’t.


Dyed Hair


It’s common knowledge that using chemicals does damage your natural hair color and texture. However only a few hair dyes are available and created for the unique curly texture African’s have. Purchasing natural ingredients that hydrate and nourish your hair is difficult to find especially within the range of box dyes sold in stores.

Consumers who can afford going to a hair salon prefer the convenance of getting what they paid for and treatment. However consumers who can’t afford the salon experience still want to fully engage in this colorful trend.

People are changing to healthier lifestyles and have become aware of the ingredients used in products. New or old, consumers want to feel confident about their purchases. For example the use of coconut oil or black soap is trusted by African’s because of the ancient history and benefits. Using the reputation of natural ingredients is a proactive way of being creative while meeting your consumers needs.







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