Gaming nostalgia

Digital and social media are allowing for enhanced social experiences as well as causing a lack of social experience. I say this because as we know, when people are so consumed with their digital lives and games they forget about the outside world. On the other-hand social events can be promoted on social media and notify people who otherwise wouldn’t know to attend.

Past times like 10 pin bowling, general knowledge quizzes, board games, roller-blading and ping pong are making a big comeback in millennial pop culture. The isolated game boy experiences are less favoured right now than the ones that rope groups of people in. Creating a social experience that is sometimes rooted in competitiveness other times romanticism.


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People like games for the feeling of winning. Better yet if there are cash, alcoholic or other cool prizes. The experience is synonymous with friends, perhaps a party and music… making the experience quite romantic in the consumer’s mind. Even arcades are becoming a desired meeting place for millennials.

Casinos have arcades that older millennials are enjoying just as much as the little ones. For the more ‘mature’, the Artisan in Greenside hosts board game nights. Competing against old and new friends alike. Milk Bar in Rosebank hosts Quiz Nights that are both mind-bending, social and plain down fun. Reminding those competing of their younger school days of general knowledge quizzes and family board game nights.

This gaming nostalgia is definitely an inspiring and fun way to look at a day or night out with friends. It’s also an opportunity for smaller, local brands to create a community through the use of gaming. This gaming nostalgia can also be used in bigger brand activations and events. From an entrepreneurship perspective, it also opens up a business opportunity for young people. Creating something fresh, fun and social for those who have gotten so used to mobile apps and PlayStations.

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