People are spending more time together

For the most part people spend time together to get to know one another and enjoy each other’s company. While the world may be changing because of a digital revolution, time is still being spent together. Actually, even more than before.

Our basic need is to belong and in relationships the more people share the closer they become.

Rewind 20 years and we wouldn’t always see friends and know what’s happening in their lives as much as we know today. Bringing people closer together without having to spend so much time in person. Digital platforms and social media cross this barrier.

While we as people value social interaction and spending time in person, digital helps greatly. People have busier lives than ever before. They meet people who aren’t necessarily their neighbours yet they still wish to remain close.

On social media, people are sharing more than ever before. If you look past the trolls, there are many people that are building and helping each other grow through the power of digital and social media. When it comes to pop culture, yes, it’s a #selfie generation but within this generation there is a strong desire to balance interest for oneself with strong friendships and community.

WhatsApp groups, statuses, broadcast messages and social media platforms in general are tactical platforms to express oneself and share. Helping people to be there for each other even if they are living on two different continents. Beyond regular messaging there are video calls, in message calls, gif conversations, voice notes and media sharing that help relationship building.

While people have been tapping out of social media as I touched on before, this is changing because of the value seen in how you can overcome the limitation of not seeing someone in person. Sharing instantaneously as soon as you feel something or need advice. The list goes on. At the core of this its about people connecting and growing.

When it comes to brands it’s important for you to spend more time with your consumer. They may visit your store once a month, for example, but keeping in touch through the benefit of social media and messaging platforms is a great help. Cementing their feeling of belonging to your brand and deepening your relationship with them.

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