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The gyms are full of all kinds of people trying to improve their wellness in this health obsessed time. The markets that offer exercise as a product, to fitness clothing or health enriching experiences are growing and coining it.

Considering the consumers deep desire for experiences today the gym experience is just not enough. There is a substantial amount of consumers that are hungry for more enriching health experiences.


We in South Africa are known for our mountainous landscapes and inviting outdoor locations. There is a growing number of small businesses that are making health an enjoyable and memorable experience over just a mundane trip to the gym.

Secret sunrises involves the outdoors in an exciting way and a small company called Epic Hikes seeks to take people on adventures that involve mountains. Testing their limits in a way that not only improves their fitness but leaves them feeling more fulfilled.

Taking these two examples into consideration and the fact that a secret sunrise or an epic hike makes for a more fulfilling experience. Also a better story to share with friends but how can you communicate and evolve your offerings as a health solution that adapts to this reality?

Perhaps some classes at the gym could be held in secondary, exciting locations every now and then? Or gyms can create clubs that offer monthly or quarterly hikes and fitness classes at interesting locations. One thing is for sure, right now you must not forget to think out doors.

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Article by Gabrielle Mixon
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