Confidence in the city

You must know people that made the big move to Joburg this year. Moving is big. It’s brave. There is a confidence about anyone who takes the leap into the oceanless, stressful and fast city that is Johannesburg. Confidence is a must in the city to survive and thrive here.

The city isn’t for everyone but to everyone it does promise the hope of a better future. In Joburg the possibilities are greater if you use confidence to walk a path of success. The possibilities are endless.

There are checkboxes one needs to tick before they make the move. So many young people desire a life here where they will earn more, do more, meet more people and be happier. Therefore, brands should take it upon themselves to give consumers the confidence to move to the city.

Many young people once they have matriculated or have graduated are looking to find new opportunities in Johannesburg. Regardless of what they studied or what they wish to work as there is potential for many different careers to be started and grown here. The problem is not many have the confidence to make the move.

Sometimes young people perceive Joburg as too fast, worried that they might get lost and not achieve their goals here. It’s these people exactly who brands should speak to and build confidence in to navigate their way in Joburg. Have a good time and meet really great people along the way.


Confidence In The City

Johannesburg is the New York of South Africa and more and more young people aspire to be in the growing city. Our youth generation is ambitious and aware to much that is happening in society and in the world. It’s important for brands not just to foster self-confidence but confidence to create a better life which every young person wants. Youth orientated brands should be sharing valuable insights on confidence to all who desire to live their best life in the big city.

Our youth do want guidance and mentorship and specifically when it comes to their careers and futures. Confidence in the city is a general way of sharing information with young people that will get them well on their way as they regard your brand highly for the value it added to their journey.

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