Much of the Braamfontein (Braam) youth come from homes with traditional values. When they leave their homes they are their own person and you would have no idea that they were raised with such traditional values. These values even extend onto fashion and how they were supposed to present themselves. It is quite apparent that Braam-fashion breaks the rules of tradition.

There’s a carefree and creative culture that permeates the youth that run around in Braam. This is because the homes they come from make them want to let loose when they are out on their own or with their friends on the streets. They can do, be and dress as they please.

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They are constantly inspired and dress up in interesting ways, weird even. They push creativity in what they put on their bodies and it’s always weird before it becomes cool. They are alert and in touch with what’s happening and the same goes for their style. In fact they are the first ones on trends or creating them and filtering them into youth culture.

Braamfontein has the potential to be recognized for fashion as Ginza in Tokyo, Corso Vittorio in Milan or Avenue des Champs Elysées in Paris is. Not for the place itself but for the people that walk its streets and build its creative style and personality. One consumer mentioned that he doesn’t shop online because everything he wants to buy is available in Braam. Braamfontein is becoming a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Brands should look into opening stores in that space and connecting with influencers in the area to capture the youth and to offer fashions relevant to their style and culture. Instead of always looking abroad and offering mass appealing products.

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As time progresses more and more people will hit the Braam-fashion streets to get the latest fashions than their local mall.

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