Bringing Fancy to Kasi

Township restaurants have revolutionised its traditional servings to incorporate nouvelle cuisine, gone are the days we had simple pap and meat enter an age where servings are given a special twist.

As we speak modern technology through to modern marketing, so has the cuisine industry in the township adapted to this zeitgeist. Staple food such as maize meal (pap) is not completely scrapped of the plate, however polenta can be seen as an alternative for those radical enough to embrace change.

Local lively music and the crisp cold beer are the flagship that even internationals come to experience at these ‘kasi’ (township) restaurants.  The landscape of kasi restaurants experience has taken a facelift and the service thereof is tagging along.

It is exciting to watch the youth taking the township food and transforming it into a fancy plate .I am amazed how they have managed to spice up kasi food and still keep it original in terms or taste and texture. Change is inevitable… #BringingFancyToKasi.

About the author

Ayanda Makhoba is a young PR graduate passionate about connecting insights, brands and consumers through her talented writing skills.