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An insight from the South Africa Beer Consumer Trend Report 2015 shows that the embossment of a bottle was top of the list, preferred by (40,0%) of respondents. This was closely followed by a combination of both the embossment and the sticker labeling at (38,0%). While bottles with only a sticker labeling on them, fell short with a mere (22%) of respondents choosing this option.

Beer labeling trender

The reassurance that one is truly holding a beer comes from the feel of the glass bottle in the hand. This is further reinforced by the embossment that gives it its unique brand feel. The embossing is a more personal experience with the brand.

Embossing feels good in the hand. It adds a distractive texture to what one is holding. When the bottle is in my hand, I sometimes play with it by rotating it – the embossed feel gives me a good feeling.

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