2015 trend_TrenderWorld-Class Citizenship.

Urban consumers are no longer looking for the best in South Africa, but for the best in the world!

With the increase of international retailers such as Zara, streaming into the South African shopping spaces, modern high tech transport services such as Uber, as well as fast food chains such a Burger King – the South African urban consumer is moving to a point where they expect nothing but world class services and products. Government initiatives such as the Gautrain and the introduction of the rapid bus transport systems, various cities have had to improve the lifestyles of modern South Africans to that of a global standard.

Even if a brand is locally produced, it still has to be of world class standard and quality. Consumers are no longer comparing products within the country’s borders, but with any other product around the world that caters to the same need. As South African urban consumers’ lifestyles change due to economic improvements and the country’s infrastructure, they will therefore expect brands to be able to cater for their world standard needs and lifestyle

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