Social Media – Humanizing Brands

Social media has become the enabler for brands to be part of their consumer’s lives through various means. We see more and more brands join the social media platform to engage with the audience. This can be through paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, recently Instagram and it can be through their organic reach on what they share and post on these platforms.

Consumers follow and engage with brands on social media based on certain expectations that they have for the brands and how they view these brands. With these social networks so much part of the consumer daily life. People at any time reach out to the brand on Social platforms, should they have queries or complaints. With this they expect an answer and not a generic response to send them elsewhere.


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Brands are received as more human than ever and there is an expectation for them to communicate in this cordial manner. People do not expect to be sold every time but also want to feel that the brand understands them and their lifestyle. We see this through brands joining in conversations of #TBT – Throw back Thursday, sharing nostalgic moments that relate to their brand and people, #TGIF – Sharing encouragement that you have made it through a week, now it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend. There are many more conversations that brands are taking part in.

This shows the consumer that the brand is in tune with their daily lives and understands what they get up to, go through and live. It gives humanity to the brand and makes it easy for consumers to have that first choice preference to engage with the products or services as there is some familiarity built into their image.

Brands need to see past the need to showcase product or promotions on social media, but be part of the consumer daily life and activities in order for them to be receptive to product offers or services.

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