Fashionable men on the rise

Men through the ages are known to be admired for qualities such as their physique and particularly physical strength. While this is still valued by men and women alike, men are increasingly being noticed for looking really good over orthodox ‘masculine’ qualities.

Fashion brings out the soft side in men. It also makes them more relatable to women who traditionally place greater importance on fashion and looking good.

fashionable men on the rise

Men are finding a feeling of security in being fashionable. Allowing them to find favour with women more easily whilst being admired by other males as a result.

Men often have an easy-going nature but because of the more fashion-conscious nature that is taking over they are becoming way more observant. Looking into styles they wouldn’t normally play with. They are also doing price comparison more rather than just buying the first thing they see and like.

In pop culture, music particularly plays a big role in fashion choices. It gives men much inspiration. Allowing them to push the boundaries of what they should wear and rather encouraging them to wear whatever they want. It’s a position of vulnerability for a man. To be fashionable, taking extreme care in what they look like can come under unwanted scrutiny. Questions have been posed to one’s masculinity when they are very fashionable.

Today as fashionable men are held in esteem both publically and in society, the number of men playing with fashion is on the rise.

fashionable men on the rise


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