Customers’ are resorting to ‘cocooning’

People always associate nightlife and hitting the town as glamorous and as an experience. However, more and more individuals are now prioritizing the choice of staying at home rather than going out. This is known as ‘cocooning’. South African’s are choosing to entertain at home now rather and it is due to personal and financial security.  This offers an interesting consideration point for both physical stores as well as those who are based online. The brands’ that are choosing to focus on this and ensure it is top of mind for how they operate, will see positive results.

To elaborate, people are finding it easier to stay at home because it is allowing benefits. These benefits are saving money as one  In conjunction with this, people feel safer at home as they tend to associate places unbeknownst to them with danger. This is in comparison to associations with their home as a haven and a place of safety.

What does this mean? 

This can offer insights into how brands’ are approaching their customer experience and how to make their customers’ feel more comfortable. Therefore, one can look at the subject of online shopping for instance. Interestingly, “80% of South African’s are more concerned about the security of their personal information when shopping online than when shopping in a store” according to Thompson (2018). Additionally, “47% say security of their personal information is a barrier to making online purchases” according to Thompson (2018). This shows an indicator of perhaps why e-commerce in South Africa has seen a slow uptake by consumers. This is paired with slow technological development in South Africa on a broader scale.

So what? 

The brands’ that choose to ensure consumers’ safety is a priority will win. The brands that make this happen will see success and longevity in regards to customer retention and loyalty.

About the author

Matthew is obsessed with the why. As a strategist he is never satisfied with accepting things on face-value - he wants a deeper understanding. This is driven by the love to learn and an appreciation for detail.