Business unusual – Our online firepower with +20 000 active online panelists

We passionately believe in well-managed, online research panels, offering technology enabled survey solutions and innovative survey methodologies, to offer integrated design thinking to engage with clients and consumers.

We make sure our respondents are real people – routine robust, continually-refreshed profiles and panel community quality checks. As the African leader in online data collection, we deliver the benefits of this expertise to you through our products, services and people, to help you make better decisions and achieve better results.

Development of our unique multi-mode technology, to engage with the diversity of the population in our country, sets us apart. We are able to apply the same research investigations across multiple platforms, both traditional and non-traditional devices, including computer, mobile, CAPI CATI and face-to-face. All integrated into one data file.

Contact: Mogorosi Mashilo