Neuromarketing Research

In partnership with Brain Propaganda.

By using knowledge of neuroscience and powerful innovative technology we offer a unique method to objectively measure consumer’s attention and emotional responses to any kind of stimuli.

What is Neuromarketing?
Neuromarketing is a new innovative form for market research. A new discipline which uses neuroscience technology, such as EEG (Electroencephalogram) or Eye-tracking, to see how the human brain responds to advertising and other brand related messages.
Neuromarketing is only an intelligent, focused, marketing oriented interpretation of major scientific texts on how the brain works. It is more effective than traditional market research because removes subjectivity, ambiguity and
rational filters.
How it works:
The powerful software solution is used to monitor and record reactions to advertising, video games, applications, food and beverage, retail and all other fields where user experience is relevant. Experts monitor the factors influencing the brain activity, consumer’s physiological state or the decision making process. These informations are crucial for understanding better products or services and to identify the points which should be developed or improved.

For our research we use:


Clients and projects:
Clients Trender Brain PropagandaExpertise:
Matteo Venerucci is a neuropsychologist and expert indecision making process. Currently on a Master studies in University Tor Vergata Roma,
researching Statistics applied in Neuromarketing.