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During the months of October & November 2016, The Napsta will be embarking on his annual one man show and national tour. Through his Clean Comedy offering, every year, The Napsta produces a one man show consisting of new material, which he then takes around the country through a national tour. The show will be recorded and produced as a DVD. What makes this comedy tour so unique is that unlike most comedians, The Napsta stages his one man shows at churches and not only at public theatres and comedy clubs. The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that the Napsta’s comedy offering is clean and is heavily geared towards nation building and making a difference in society. What better way to do this than through a comedy show. Comedy is a tool used to reach out to young people as well.

This years’ show is titled ‘My Dad Would Always Say’. In this show, The Napsta will reflect on some of his late father’s favourite phrases and sayings. The show is dedicated to fathers all over South Africa, and is specifically aimed at addressing issues around fatherlessness. Which is a huge issue in our nation. Fatherlessness is an issue that affects everyone, the church, communities and governments at large. Anyone can have a child, but it takes a real man to raise a child. If we can impact our fathers, we can truly transform our nation. This year’s show will be hosted on Friday, 4 November at the Rhema Bible Church main auditorium which seats 7,500 people. The show will be advertised on TV, Radio and through various promotions / activations. Brands and sponsors can take advantage of branding opportunities through our marketing collateral and branding at the venue.

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