young and carefree

In this day and age every teen or young adult wants a life as good as a celebrities. Having high exceptions and dreams it’s almost as if being young and carefree isn’t the ‘normal’ culture anymore. It’s currently about having the latest phone, a face beat and designer clothes. Leaving the average kid striving for things they don’t really need but find themselves really wanting.


Social media hasn’t just connected the world but also added to this desire of wanting a better life. With all sorts of apps, social media has allowed anyone to see into a persons life, when in reality you would’ve never known.

Even more than social media, brands also add to the desire of wanting more without a doubt.

During these times, brands need to stay focused and transparent. It’s so important to know who your target market is, what the brand stands for, who it’s trying to influence and in what way. Finding a balance where the youth doesn’t feel pressured to look or act a certain way but can find and be themselves without external pressures.


Article by Candice Simon
TrendER Insights’ Editor & Trend Analyst




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