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While some people have adopted the wearable technology movement there is another movement taking place, this movement is wearable art. This is a collaboration between artistic thinkers who visualize and come up with illustrations that are then strategically translated onto garments and accessories by visionaries who believe it will sell.
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It is relevant aesthetically for apparel because it speaks to the freedom of an individual’s mind, to come up with things, to create new possibilities. It is a mind set most commonly found among the youth who have access to higher education, have internet access, are on social media and are carving new career paths through new realities that put them at an advantage over previous generations.

A democratic nation where people can roam and mix freely, advanced technology that connects us to the whole world over a device and the vibrant social scene across our country are a foundation for endless possibilities.

Creativity really is the new wealth and many of this decades most successful businesses and people will be as a result of effective use of creativity.

There is a wave of South African photographers, visual artists, painters and designers who have an innate understanding of the mind set of the youth and whose visuals tell stories that people care about.
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It would then be the job of the visionary to scope out creative talents (and there are many across South Africa) telling stories that connect with the youth and to incorporate these stories into their retail strategy.

Art always tells a story, connects with a certain group of people and those adopting the wearable art trend would most certainly be our youth generation. Therefore looking into the artists and creators that inspire them would be an effective way to create garments that express art they care about.

Article by Gabrielle Mixon
TrendER Insights’ Fashion Researcher, Communicator & Trend Analyst

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