The Scooterpreneur – The Scooter delivery boom

The long South African lock down and restrictions have seen many people limiting their movements whether through working at home and socializing face to face much less than they did before. It takes a while for people to change behaviour especially shopping and consumer habits, however the long lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way people shop and encouraged more people to rather order online which has meant a big rise in home deliveries.

Welcome the Scooterprenuer! Where we have seen the rise of a new type of entrepreneurship opportunity of small home delivery services, from deliveries of Take A Lot, Uber eats, Mr Delivery and many more local upcoming township delivery services such as This ranges from as little as owning or renting one scooter to owning several of scooters to feed this new home delivery service market that has been on the increase since the lock down in 2020.

Many people who recently had no other alternative work or income because of the pandemic, have found a way through being Scooterprenuers to at least have some sort of income, in this new big niche thriving market of small home delivery service. From the upmarket suburbs to the townships, the Scooterprenuers have made delivery service accessible to people’s homes regardless of the social status.

Its is not uncommon outside any restaurant, grocery stores and pharmacies to see rows of scooters lined up waiting to deliver the next order. Walking inside their are long queues of Scooterprenuers waiting with their mobile phones out, waiting for their delivery orders.

People are adaptive beings, and no matter how hard situations become, we find new opportunities and ideas in this ever changing world to survive.


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