Little Garden

We come from a heritage of being connected to the earth and its resources. People look to plants and the earth for healing and serenity. Taking care and nurturing it

Smoking is social

Why do people smoke? By heritage people are non-smokers. Traditionally, tobacco was associated with initiation, fertility, and cleansing (Gately 2001). Modernly, it’s known to not be good health wise. In addition

Smaller plates

Many enjoy a hearty meal portion every now and then. Especially on special occasions. It’s for that very reason that the consumer’s meals become more moderately sized when it isn’t

Soul and body

Normally the order is: body and soul. Working out and eating right should make one feel good and happy. Scientifically, those feel good endorphins released when you exercise instantly boost your

Enjoy health

We live in a sick world. Hospitals are one of the most frequented places with people on all sorts of medications for all sorts of conditions. Depending on the individual,

Tasty sight

Food is one of those things everybody loves but those who cook particularly looks ideas on what to make to excite the tastebuds of those they are cooking for. Think

Health OTG

Today’s young working consumer has many work responsibilities that keep them occupied all day. Sometimes even to the point where they forget to eat or don’t find time to eat.

Epic Outdoors

The gyms are full of all kinds of people trying to improve their wellness in this health obsessed time. The markets that offer exercise as a product, to fitness clothing