Spirited Suiting

Suits when it comes to men’s fashion has for the most part in our market been traditionally minimal and predictable. It’s a staple in a man’s wardrobe and not much finesse is needed for it to look good.

The men wearing the suits however are becoming less traditional and predictable. Men are no longer throwing on a suit with careless ease. Rather they are adding flavour to tradition. Suiting is taking an unpredictable turn and the way in which it’s worn ultimately depends on the person wearing it. They don’t want their suit to look good they want it to say something about them. While varying men wearing the same suit levels the playing field, men who put more spirit into how they wear their suit is what sets each man apart.

Photography by Eunice DriverSpirited Suiting

Consumers are becoming more interested in being different and show casing their uniqueness. Personality, lifestyle and interests are showing itself through the choices men make when they wear a suit. Men with an interest in their African heritage will opt for African inspired touches like an unpredictable shirt paired with their suit. Another may mix and match colours and patterns to create his own rendition of a suit. Some may even turn the conservative look on its head, opting to show more skin.

By wearing a suit now men don’t have to look good fitting in but they can look good standing out because their suit is an extension of themselves and not a predictable go-to for looking good.

As brands it then becomes important to remove the mould that has existed around suit attire and rather allow for creative self expression in how you create, sell and style your suits for consumers.

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