The world of activism has seen some changes since the rise of social media. People can now join mass protest movements without having to leave the comfort of their homes, or without having to skip work. A #Slactivist is someone that supports a political or social cause by use of social media and online petitions. Social media platforms, in some instances, have become the preferred protest site where people bring their grievances, start a hashtag and gain traction with people that retweet and repost the trending hashtag so that it reaches the attention of those it was intended for.

Consumers make use of #slacktivism to hold governing bodies accountable and ad voice to issues that may not likely be heard. Many offline protests find their way on to social media and we have seen that various organizations and brands join in on the online posting and support. #Slacktivists have succeeded in holding various companies accountable for the injustices and prejudice they portray. #Slactivists have started the #MustFall movements in which they name and shame bad practices, calling an end to them. Brands and companies that realise the powers #Slacktivists have and back them financially or get them onboard development of new products.

Consumers are aware of the important role that #Slactivists play in holding brands accountable and follow their guidance in making product decisions. They are not necessarily handing their power over to #Slacktivists but use the causes they support as a guiding factor in their consumer decisions.

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Nicole van Staden is a #Slacktivist analysing market trends from an Africanist Perspective.
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