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I seek to observe the fashion industry and do research that either denies or reinforces what is happening. Lately I see blue, lots of it. I think it is reflecting the times in quite a meaningful way. I have noticed that the consumer is wearing the colour more and is increasingly being attracted to scenery that is blue. Clothing brands too are in on the blue wave, their Instagram feeds and latest product drops have given us kicks of blue.

When one thinks of blue they most often think of the element of water. The major water crisis across the world and specifically within South Africa leaves consumers yearning for an escape. Fashion is one of the biggest “escape” industries. Water too is an escape. However, with the current crisis one could go for a week or more without running water. There are also water restrictions that leave the consumer helpless in enjoying a carefree bath or shower. The water crisis is just one major issue our nation is experiencing at the moment. Consumers are increasingly looking for peace and calm among all the negativity.

See Blue Water

Water is an element that makes you feel peaceful and calm and so does the colour blue. A shower alleviates stress and its not necessarily the shower itself but rather the consumer’s connection to water. Water is a powerful element that captures the consumer in positive ways. Without it negativity festers.

Without action the water crisis will continue to negatively impact us. Water is an escape and fashion too. For the consumer and  it is important to bring awareness to water conservation. The fashion industry uses a lot of water to produce garments so measures should be taken to decrease the amount and to help and guide consumers to use less water too with the clothes they wear and buy. This will empower them and be inspired to take positive action instead of ignore the negative impact of water restrictions.

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