Say my name

The youth want to both belong and stand out at the same time.

Their names are what make them unique and separate them from others. The group of friends they hang out with is what gives them a sense of belonging – their squad.

Mr P adapted to the personalization trend by offering customized iron ons and pins for denim jackets but celeb culture is taking it a step further to the ultimate personalisation. Putting your name on it.

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In keeping an eye on international fashion statements, supermodels like Gigi Hadid have rocked personalised jackets several times over the past few months. Personalised not with pins and bits but with their names. Can you say Hadid?

Through social media and how connected everything and everyone is young people are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves and their friends from everyone else so this clothing statement is just an expression of that.

This one is definitely for the youth or the young at heart. Keeping in mind that the youth are often at a crossroads between whether they want to fit in or stand out. This trend can be applied by personalising garments with an individual’s name or with a collective name that is synonymous with your group of friends. Either way it is still personalised and one thing is for sure, they will stand out.



Article by Gabrielle Mixon
TrendER Insights’ Fashion Researcher, Communicator & Trend Analyst

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