Preppy Athleticism

As the gender gap further closes in men are becoming even more interested in taking care of their appearances. These men feel good when they look good which means there is an increased love for shopping and a strong desire for an active and healthy lifestyle. A fresh style is breaking through as a result.

Their eyes are keen on all that is aesthetically pleasing. Now they are merging their desire for a healthy, feel-good lifestyle with preppy pieces of clothing. The result is sportily neat.

Being athletic means being strong and involved with fitness. In reality, these men may not be heavily involved with fitness but still want to wear clothing pieces that are associated with the active and healthy lifestyle they desire. Considering how aesthetics plays an important role in their life they keenly make sure their appearances are fashionable and neat. This style was seen on the new age masculine man at SAFW AW 18 and has been seen on everyday men out and about. It’s the merging of preppy clothing pieces like shirts and sweaters with more active wear inspired pieces such as track suit pants, joggers, sneakers and socks.

The young man who merges both fashionable pieces of clothing with active wear may not literally wear those pieces to work out or play sport but he intentionally puts the pieces together because it looks good on and is reflective of a feel-good lifestyle.

As brands that sell men’s fashion it is advisable to merge active wear with more fashionable pieces of clothing when selling to consumers. Out of active wear and materials purposefully designed for sport, brands can cater to fashion-loving men’s everyday style by prepping sporty out with simple and more fashionable pieces for a well-put-together look.

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