Now Trending: South African men love imaginary associations

Allow me to sensitise on the subscription South African men have opted to take, even if they are imaginary, yes the legitimacy of these organisations is highly questionable if we are to speak policy and regulation. We have a prevalent culture of joking around in South Africa, that how we deal with pain. Twitter is buzzing with the newly found “ stingy men association of South Africa” , this association even has a motto that go to the tune “ let me see what I can do”. The thought process behind the formation of such an imaginary organisation is the mere fact that society views men as providers ,this notion speaks to all forms of provision you can fashion. The dilemma we are faced with is the evidence of men growing weary of constantly providing in this way, their subscription to such organisations stands.

Considering that February is around the corner the corner, a month known to host Valentines Day… Another association is on the loom: “ Men’s Conference”. Every years round this time conversation surface of men going to a men’s only conference, this is to run away from spending ridiculous amount of money. The locations here this men’s conference is host is ominous to anyone that dares to engage in the conversation which makes it interesting and rises even more suspicions.

Maybe a sense of appreciation is needed for males that spend a lot or a re-evaluation of the role of a male needs to be audited and amendments done where applicable, this might integrate them back into society during the month of love.

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