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The purpose of this report is to unlock insights behind current and upcoming beer trends into 2015.
TrendER Insights examines key topics which consumers regard as important considerations within the beer category, mainly:
Beer Occasions:
It is a certain kind of social interaction that determines whether or not someone will choose a beer over any other alcoholic beverage. Occasions associated with drinking beer are directly linked to a consumer feeling comfortable enough to relax, interact and socialise with others.
Beer Packaging:
Various environments have certain influences over whether consumers are more likely to drink out of a beer can or a bottle. We also explore the role embossment and sticker labelling plays in the consumers minds.
New Innovations In The Beer Market:
We uncover whether the introduction of new flavoured beer brands and variants have sparked a shift in the beer market. As well as the role of the increasing craft beer brands.
Key Brand Influences:
Factors such as brand status, friends, advertising and beer brand events have a significant influence when it comes to beer brand choice and consumption by individuals.

About the author

Founder and Trend Analyst at TrendER Insights. Mogorosi's passion lies in unearthing consumer insights that will help brands build more meaningful relationships with their consumers. Email: mogorosi@trender.co.za