Normalize my normal: We may look different outside but our morals are the same

Norm is a subject term that speaks to ones frames of reference and arguable ones moral compass.  Having a well defined yardstick in measuring “normal” would be farfetched unless we all had the same measuring tape. The masses are crying out for what they deem normal to be accepted into society given that it’s currently taboo.

What is deemed as taboo food in one’s black culture like sheep head, may be considered a normal diet in. my diet. We are all different and even the food we eat may not be the “normal” for everyone however it does not make us any less different from each of our values to become better human beings within.

Not only are they addressing what is thought to be taboo but they are also addressing gender roles that were defined by our four father’s that currently do not fit into our current society. Take for instance men/husband’s being actively involved in a young girl’s adornment process not only from a buying power perspective but from physically being involved in the act and being a said cheerleader.

Societies have evolved drastically over the years. Social media citizens are redefining civilization by punting “ Normalize what I deem to be normal in my world”. This speaks to acceptance into society of concept and constructs they would normally shy away from, it speaks to change which is not sporadic but takes time getting used to.

About the author

Khanya Mali is a marketing and brand communications enthusiast with a penchant for building brands on both client and advertising agencies and a “creative” in his own right. “Insights are the bark to every wondering creative work”