Ngibuyekile – a new South African drinking proverb

Each and every Monday under the South African sky the people lament the saying “ngibuyekile” meaning in its literal sense “I have left it” when we grammatically make sense of this it means: I have left alcohol. This phrase seems to have replaced the ubiquitously know term – babalaz (hangover). Monday is a laborious day in its self, now adding a hangover worsens the situation.

Weekends are made for recuperating after an arduous week at work or one would argue it is made to also connect with our loved one spend more time with them. However, in between socialising a glass of something potent lightens up the mood. It is when we can not really pull a dead brake on the drinks, that’s when things fall apart.

Hangover cures transcend from eating greasy food to drink black strong coffee and coke. But that is no instant fix you have to work harder and down galleon of water. This is when realise that “ ngibuyekile” – I’m quitting drinking alcohol and the after math is not as pretty. Ngibuyekile last only for Monday when one is experiencing the pain of having to wake up with a throbbing headache. The rest of the week presents its self with ample opportunities where ngibuyekile will be tested to its core. Surprisingly no one cares to remind each other of the oath they had taken at the beginning of the week and this cycle continues week in and week out.

About the author

Khanya Mali is a marketing and brand communications enthusiast with a penchant for building brands on both client and advertising agencies and a “creative” in his own right. “Insights are the bark to every wondering creative work”