My person

I heard a consumer speaking affectionately of her husband and how they get along, calling him ‘my person’.

‘My person’ being that person in the vastness of humans in the world who just gets you. Relating to each other with ease.

As a brand essentially the consumer should be treated as ‘your person’. However as much as they may like your brand, you’re not their person. It is very possible for a business to become more favourable in a customers eyes.

By offering consumers unique offerings for them and their ‘person’ just because they are yours. This could be for them and their partner, friend or even someone they look up to.

It’s a strategic way to show care towards the customer which is much needed in the current environment. One where they feel as if brands do not care as well as in a time where relationships are struggling because of stressful life circumstances.

Brands should increasingly be the middle man creating an unforgettable experience for the consumer and ‘their person’.

About the author

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