Mass market online betting becoming more popular

We have seen a rise in more and more people joining betting apps.
From Lotto apps such as LottoStar to sports betting apps like Betway, the app betting trend has been on the rise more than ever.

With many people having lost their jobs and incomes at a low, people have resulted to different forms of income and betting is perceived as the quick access to making money easily in a short space of time.

Our mass market is being more and more attracted to this type of betting and now betting is seen as a norm.

The attraction of this trend is also driven by the ease of access to these facilities as they are online, and one can bet anywhere and anytime through their mobile phone.

No longer does one have to do the expensive drive to the casino, pay parking tickets and must buy food and drinks while passing time to watch their bets.

The stigma of betting is also being slowly eroded by these platforms making betting a new societal norm.

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