Man vs Women

Females still earn less than men and are more likely to be primary caregivers and to work part-time. However males are still more favoured than women with time and higher positions.

Even as the women’s role in the economy has shifted, men are still hesitant to give up their past notions about which careers are masculine or feminine. Men continue to have high representation in the corporate world, but will rarely enter traditionally female careers.

At the core of modern masculinity is the ability to provide for one’s family. Career choice has become more than just pursuing an interest or higher earnings it’s also associated with virility. Masculinity has become a flexible resource that can be reworked to suit contemporary situations.

Remember sexual equality is fundamentally simple, and the way we see it should be. It’s not just about liberating women. It’s about liberating men, too.


Equality means more than adjusting pay scales or relaxing the rules on who could enter which part of the Parliament. It meant men shifting their behavior, opinions and attitudes to show not just a respect for women as our equals, but feminism as well. Corporations must be aware and take notes of the ever changing human. Allowing Women to show there true worth too.


Article by Candice Simon
TrendER Insights’ Editor & Trend Analyst



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