Mampara week! The last stretch until payday

Mampara is a South Africa slang word used to denote that someone is a buffoon or a simple nitwit.

It is a challenging process for the mass market to manage and stretch their salary to last them until they receive their next salary every month, because it is too little or they lack financial discipline. Enter mampara week the last week of the month, a week filled a lot of struggle financially. This is a week where one struggles to get petrol and taxi fare to commute to work, since one might have spent robustly in the first two weeks after they had received their salary.

Mampara week means one has to pack lunch and cannot afford to buy food from fast food restaurants anymore and has to have a survival mentality to get through the rest of the month.

This is seen when the fridge in the household starts showing signs of depleting. The bank balance becomes a sore sight and checking ones banking app only brings anxiety and unnecessary stress not to mention the overdraft facilities that look dyer.

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