Like a child

It’s a time of fun, outdoors and playfulness for people of various ages. Even in romantic relationships there’s a nostalgia for how playful it used to be when one was young and in love. In creative expressions and communication there is a huge rise in the use of elements that playfully engage the mind, as it would when one was a child.

Talking animals and flowers that take people back to the magical way they looked at things during their childhood are being incorporated in content created for adults.

Like a child

Peoples’ imaginations are going wild just as it does when they play video games or indulge in other youthful pleasures. They are finding enjoyment aside from adult responsibilities, pressures and challenges by returning to child-like tendencies.

As the festive season approaches it is important to keep this insight in mind when creating experiences and events. Catering to the child inside your consumers for truly fun and memorable times. This will make your brand stand out by making them feel like a child again.

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