Less is more

The pace of new technology and new trends is so fast its leaving many nostalgic.

Purchasing vintage clothes goes well with nostalgia and the longing for simpler days. With the speed of mass production there are new product drops every week. People are becoming aware of this as an injustice. As before they could fully enjoy and get full use of the new clothing they have bought before being tempted to buy more new items.

Now they are saying no more. Whether they are shopping out of their mom or friends closets or digging in their own closets to find gems from the past. People are looking to consume less and enjoy what they have.

This intrinsic desire to consume less but to fully enjoy timeless pieces of clothing is something bigger. Vintage stores and smaller boutiques can harness this and really cater to the customer insight of enjoying the old.



Article by Gabrielle Mixon
TrendER Insights’ Fashion Researcher, Communicator & Trend Analyst

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