Kwa mai-mai , the new Sunday Market

The culture of markets is an urban area thing in South Africa, however there is an unconventional market that is brewing in heart of Johannesburg cbd, introducing Kwa mai-mai “the new Farmers market”. What is exciting about this market is that one has the option of tagging along with their cooler box in contrast to buying expensive alcohol. The option of purchasing alcohol on site does exist and these are consumed in copious amounts.

The market hosts a variety of informal braai meat vendors, what distinguishes the players is how one hosts their customers on the given day. All braai meat meals come with salsa and braai pap. What has made this place popular is the talkability brewing on social media of how a conventional or rather Zulu traditional place is able to host an LGBTI community without any discrimination. At this venue pick pocketing is a thing of the past even if the numbers are large, people are out to have a fun time and meet up with old friends.

The scene is one where you get to sit under a tent, around a table with a chair that is located under a bridge in the city and bask in the a Sunday sun with good company and great conversation.

Kwa mai- mai is be the place that sorts out ones babalaz after a hectic Saturday night and a great place to start your Sunday drinks.

About the author

Khanya Mali is a marketing and brand communications enthusiast with a penchant for building brands on both client and advertising agencies and a “creative” in his own right. “Insights are the bark to every wondering creative work”