“Khukhala isicathulo sami la” – My House my rules

Regardless of age or success every black person knows exactly what to not do in their mother’s house. The Nguni saying is prevalent in African homes when the parents are feed up with their children’s behavior in their households. Now, the hierarchy of the African home dictates that you will listen to what your parents say and they are always right no matter what. The parents will also remind you that they are the owners of the house and they can do as they please, you on the contrary are under grace and mercy of having shared the bloodline therefore mind your language and mind you step in their home essentially live in the house with the utmost respect. Should the parent feel that you are doing as you please you will be reminded that uyazilawula and that you have forgotten that there is authority governing you in their house.

The only time one is allowed and given leeway to lawula (take charge) themselves is when they are able to get their own apartments and do as they please in that way setting far away from the parents that have invested blood sweat and tears raising a “good child”

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