Increasing Female Taxi Drivers: Female Mageza

Behind the steering wheel of the taxi, woman are challenging the status quo of the area’s which is male dominated industry. female taxi drivers on our roads could create a new dynamic. Generally women are gentler, softer, less self centered and more careful and empathetic and they take fewer risks than men. Certainly this is a stereotype, but stereo­types come from some truths.

The taxi industry is one of the most ruthless industries.Many taxi drivers and operators have died at the hands of their competitors. Being a taxi driver also means having to deal with difficult customers and having traffic officer’s  on your back while some of the male  taxi drivers  still have a mentality that a woman cannot be part of this industry because of its nature and they normally look down upon female drivers.  But now times are changing and we see a growing number of women in the taxi industry.

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Ayanda Makhoba is a young PR graduate passionate about connecting insights, brands and consumers through her talented writing skills.