Human Being

You’ll often hear “I’m a human being” as a response when someone feels they have fallen short of their own or others expectations. We are humans and our ways are both interesting and very paradoxical. These paradoxes are part of the human DNA and while some people try to attain perfection there are others who are embracing the paradoxes, failures and downfalls of being human and seeing the beauty in it.

Being human is no longer an excuse for mistakes but we are agents of change. Animals do not change the world, humans do. The youth are starving for change and they know they are the ones to do it. Times are turbulent, seemingly more turbulent than ever before. The youth are embracing their humanness and the humanness of others. Being a human being is about rallying for positive change. That is where the youth make being human less about mistakes and flaws but rather about boldness and taking action towards the future they desire.

human being

Pharrell is a global icon who young people look up to at the moment. He released a sneaker collection with Adidas called “Human Race”. While this is a footwear collection it speaks to a far bigger movement. Young people wearing their change, being their change and improving the human race not by trying to be perfect people but by taking empowering action towards the imperfection that exists in our society.

Being a human being to young people is having the boldness and power to change, what we do not like in society. “I’m only human” which is associated with disappointment is changing to “I am human” which is a stance that is filled with the energy to be bold and make a change. The youth are changing things. As a brand are you fuelling the fire for the youth to change the spaces they are in for the better? If not, it’s the time to do it.

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